chill hazel grace its a metaphor


why is this so hard for people to understand

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Stay away from people who make you feel like you are hard to love.
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she kills it

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Ab, I’m becoming a mogul! à la Jay Z, à la Martha Stewart, à la Bethany Frankel; next thing you know I’m backstage at Barclays with Riri and Bey and we’re just laughing and sipping on champagne, then Riri leans for a kiss and she goes down on me!

My roommate always tells me this is me so I’m going with it

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It’s about 20 degrees cooler in this shade


literally me about every ex or dude who blew it

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People usually only include the first 2 panels

well this dog is me


From the exhibit Drinking on the Job by Neck Face

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You broke me while I was trying to fix myself.

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Le Sigh.

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All y’all fuckers from 9th grade

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The result of listening to Beyonce while creating

Se7en (1995)David Fincher